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With an album ready to release in 2020, Seattle’s own WaterPenny was preparing for the season's touring when suddenly the world shut down. But instead of turning to kittens, drugs, and fighting with uncle Bob on the internet, these musicians went back to the studio.  The use of the latest remote-recording techniques allowed them to capture the creative spark of deconstruction at a safe and social distance. They tediously wove harmony and discourse through whatever musical tools were on hand (or in the garage), exploring everything from transformer soaked vocals to the concussion of anchor chains through the stove.

WaterPenny’s full-length debut explores societal rifts and finding truth. How can we celebrate our individualism while working toward the common good?  The line in Follow No One, “I see us going backwards, I won’t fall, I’ll stand here broken,” urges the defense of a better future while standing in a pile of rubble.

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